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Mid Century Modern Ceiling Fan

The right mid century modern ceiling fan can compliment and make your home's design scheme shine. You will find the widest selection of the best modern ceiling fans. Shop ceiling fans modern contemporary at Casablanca.

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Wisp with LED Light 52 inch
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Wisp with LED Light 44 inch
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Levitt with LED Light 54 inch
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Duluth 72 inch
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Bullet with LED Light 54 inch
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Sophisticated, modern ceiling fans set a contemporary tone for indoor and outdoor spaces and provide an upscale, magazine-ready look. The exceptional design and construction of Casablanca ceiling fans enhances modern design with maximum comfort and control to provide plenty of cooling power at the touch of a button.

Industrial-chic, sleek, and clean, minimalist spaces can benefit from the addition of a modern contemporary ceiling fan from Casablanca. Numerous styles, finishes, and accessories let you tailor your choice to a room's existing décor or create a brand new aesthetic inspired by the perfect fan.

Modern Designs for Modern Homes  

Bring that look to life with our ceiling fans in cool nickel, bright brass, crisp white, and sleek black finishes. Our unique and classic casing shapes let you find the style that speaks to you. 

Casablanca mid-century modern ceiling fans also come in a variety of sizes to fit both small bedrooms and oversized great rooms. Fans from 30 inches up to 64 inches can cool any room on the hottest days.

Mounting Styles for Every Room

Thoughtful placement and a variety of mounting choices let you create a cohesive marriage of style and performance. Even difficult spaces with vaulted ceilings or exposed beams can enjoy the comfort of a modern ceiling fan with the right hardware, such as downrods and angled ceiling mounts.

appropriate, functional height in rooms with high or sloped ceilings. Downrods are compatible with many of our modern fan styles so you can customize your new fan with multiple finish options and downrods ranging from 12 to 72 inches.

Choose a low-profile modern ceiling fan for spaces with lower ceilings or to create an unobtrusive, minimalist feel. Flush-mounted let you to keep your fan close to the ceiling without sacrificing style.

Ceiling Fans with or without Lighting

Overhead, accent, and decorative lighting do the heavy lifting in many rooms, but modern ceiling fans with lights give you even more flexibility. A variety of single-light models, multiple-bulb options, and shade styles let you choose the fan that can match your existing design elements or help define the rest of your décor.

Modern Control Solutions

Ceiling fans in modern finishes and styles will push your design to new heights – but no fan can be labeled modern without the latest in convenient controls. For the ultimate performance, choose a modern Casablanca fan compatible with our handheld and wall-mounted remote control options.

Wall-mounted and handheld remotes are convenient in any room, but in large rooms and rooms with high ceilings, remote controls allow for the safest, easiest operation possible.

Modern Outdoor Fan Options

Overhead outdoor fans are perfect for entertaining guests or comfortably enjoying a warm afternoon on your porch, patio, or deck. Elegant outdoor fans with modern designs let you tie your outdoor décor in with the rest of your home's style for a seamless ambiance in all your spaces.

For large outdoor areas, damp- and wet-rated ceiling fans with downrods and wall or handheld remotes are ideal. You can also find low-profile outdoor ceiling fans with modern designs for spaces where height and safety are a concern, like covered patios and decks.

Ceiling fans are an integral part of modern home design, offering a refined look that boasts both form and function. Shop the Casablanca modern fan collection and visit our inspiration page for more modern design ideas.