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Modern Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Find the best low-profile ceiling fans for your small rooms at Casablanca. Discover modern low profile ceiling fans in sleek, rustic, industrial styles.

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Durant Low Profile 54 inch
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Small spaces don't have to be a barrier to great design. Casablanca offers the very best low-profile ceiling fans fit for rooms with limited space and low ceilings. Our selection of low-profile ceiling fans lets you choose a stunning designer fan without compromising on safety, comfort, or convenience.

Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Don't let the smaller rooms in your house get overlooked when it comes to fantastic design. Low-profile ceiling fans are ideal for spaces with low ceilings, especially basements. Low-profile fans keep blades a safe distance from the floor for sufficient overhead clearance. The flush-mounted design means the fans descend a minimal distance from the ceiling to ensure they're safe and don't overwhelm a room with limited space.Beyond basements, your bedrooms, entryways, and outdoor spaces can also benefit from low-profile fans. When considering which type of fan to get for a given space, always consider the clearance you'll need for guests to stay safe. Then, let Casablanca help you find a design that will provide the best air movement and fan placement possible.

Great Design with Minimal Disruption

Even in small packages, Casablanca fans make a big statement. Our designers venture all over the world looking for new ideas that inspire our bold and beautiful fans. We believe that a fan shouldn't be just an appliance – it should be the centerpiece of a room. Your fan should be a work of art that attracts the best kind of attention and stirs up both discussion and comfort.With this designer attitude in mind, we have low-profile fans that evoke the modernist optimism of the midcentury, the Bel Geddes automobile aesthetic of the 1930s, and much more – including minimalist, rustic, and farmhouse styles. Our flush-mount fans get the same high-end design treatment as the rest of our premium pieces. With low-profile fans in a range of attractive finishes, including brushed nickel, snow white, and brushed cocoa, you can make even the smallest room in your home look bold and stunning.

Safety and Comfort

Of course, Casablanca fans function just as great as they look. Blades are pitched to optimize air movement and ensure peak performance at all times of the day. Choose a fan with dimmable LED lights for complete control over the lighting and ambiance in a space. These bulbs are ideal for small rooms where you need extra illumination but don't want a lot of extra heat. LED lights also use less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, so you get more use for less cost over time.Your home deserves the very best in design, no matter how small the room. Casablanca fans are renowned for their craftsmanship, high performance, and attention to detail. Now, you can bring our luxurious balance of comfort and design into even the smallest spaces in your home. Shop Casablanca low-profile fans to find a high-functioning, beautifully crafted fan for any