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Contemporary Ceiling Fans with Lights

Casablanca ceiling fans with light that feature LED, multi-light, or dimmable features for a designer look! Shop contemporary ceiling fans with lights. Casablanca ceiling fan light up the room with their contemporary or modern styles!

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Wisp with LED Light 52 inch
Regular price$329.99
Levitt with LED Light 44 inch
Regular price$349.99$167.99 - $379.99
Wisp with LED Light 44 inch
Regular price$299.99
Levitt with LED Light 54 inch
Regular price$399.99
Bullet with LED Light 54 inch
Regular price$549.99

The right ceiling fan serves as the focal point of any space. That's why designer Casablanca fans combine top-quality materials and performance with the utmost style and sophistication. Casablanca ceiling fans with lights offer enhanced energy efficiency and unmatched craftsmanship that's a welcome addition in any home. Shop our extensive selection of unique ceiling fans with lights to find popular styles and finishes to complement your home décor.

An Abundance of Lighting Options

With the perfect blend of style and function, a Casablanca ceiling fan brings increased comfort and a sense of personality to any room. Ceiling fans with lights act as centerpieces that tie design elements together for the exact aesthetic you want. Our extensive inventory features an abundance of options to let you choose the type of lighting that works best for your taste and space.

Multi-light Fans

Multi-light ceiling fans incorporate several bulbs to provide plenty of bright, direct light. This style is an ideal fit for areas where ample lighting is a necessity, including large rooms and spaces with low natural lighting.

Fans with Dimmable Lights

Dimmable lighting gives you the flexibility to adjust your lights to establish an optimum ambiance. Opt for brighter lighting when entertaining family or friends. Easily turn down the brightness with the touch of a button to create a more relaxing ambiance whenever it's needed.

Fans with Single-Bulb Lights

Ceiling fans with single bulbs come in a variety of options, such as halogen, fluorescent, LED, and incandescent. Depending on the type of lightbulb and number of watts or lumens, a single-bulb ceiling fan can illuminate an entire large area or create a delicate, soft glow in bedrooms, living rooms, and dens.

Types of Light Bulbs

Halogen bulbs produce a warm, inviting light that may be a great fit for spaces where you entertain, like dining rooms or living rooms. Both halogen and florescent light bulbs consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, but florescent bulbs feature a longer lifespan than halogen bulbs. However, fluorescent bulbs are typically not dimmable.One of the most popular types of lighting is LED, the most energy-efficient and longest-lasting type of bulb. Because LED lights lasts longer than traditional bulbs, they are a great solution for ceiling fans in particularly high places where it might be unsafe or inconvenient to have to change the bulb frequently.

A Ceiling Fan for Every Style

Casablanca offers many different ceiling fan styles to choose from, including modern, contemporary, rustic, and industrial. When selecting a fan for a particular room, first factor the size of the space and the ceiling height. For smaller rooms with lower ceilings, consider a flush-mount ceiling fan. If the room has a taller ceiling, our assortment of downrod extensions let you to easily install a fan that hangs closer to the living area for optimum airflow. If you're replacing an existing ceiling fan, pick a design that features the same mounting type for easier installation.With any type of Casablanca ceiling fan, you get increased comfort and impeccable craftsmanship. We conduct thorough testing of each product in our Level 4 Intertek Satellite Lab for quality assurance. Shop Casablanca contemporary ceiling fans with lights today to find the perfect addition to any room.