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Modern Ceiling Fan without Lights

Shop modern ceiling fans without lights at Casablanca. Our selection of designer ceiling fans without lights includes fans for indoors and out.

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Panama 54 inch
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Panama DC 54 inch
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Wailea Outdoor 31 inch
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Duluth 72 inch
Regular price$599.99$419.99
Utopian Outdoor 52 inch
Regular price$379.99
Aris Outdoor 54 inch
Regular price$449.99
Heritage Outdoor 60 inch
Regular price$599.99
Tribeca 60 inch
Regular price$399.99
Durant Low Profile 54 inch
Regular price$229.99
Ainsworth 54 inch
Regular price$329.99
Charthouse Outdoor 54 inch
Regular price$449.99
Fellini 60 inch
Regular price$549.99
Fordham 44 inch
Regular price$229.99

Designer Ceiling Fans without Lights

A ceiling fan without lights is an ideal solution for air circulation in rooms with plenty of natural light or in spaces that already have successful lighting designs. Regardless of a room's existing décor or layout, our large assortment of designer ceiling fans without lights can help create unobtrusive, elegant aesthetics for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Shop Casablanca to discover a variety of attractive contemporary and modern ceiling fans without lights, as well as industrial, casual, rustic, and nautical styles.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans without Lights

In certain spaces of the home, too much light can create an overwhelming, uninviting atmosphere. In rooms where you've already achieved the ideal lighting design, a light-free ceiling fan makes the perfect addition. Ceiling fans without lights also won't emit extra heat or use additional energy, maximizing the efficiency of your fan. At Casablanca, we offer a variety of light-free fan designs in attractive finishes to enhance your living space. Our ceiling fans provide a tasteful addition to any interior or exterior area and help establish a cooler, more relaxing environment year-round.

Selecting a Ceiling Fan Size

When selecting a ceiling fan for a particular space, measure the room's square footage and the distance from the base of the ceiling to the ground. These measurements will help you determine the best profile and size for a new fan to maintain optimum air circulation. Casablanca offers fans with varying diameters and blade spans to flawlessly integrate into spaces of all sizes. In smaller spaces up to 75 square feet, such as bathrooms, entryways, or closets, opt for a fan with a blade span of 31 to 44 inches. For medium-sized areas, such as kitchens, dining areas, offices, or bedrooms, we usually recommend a fan with a blade span of 52 to 54 inches. Larger spaces like great rooms, family rooms, master suites, and media rooms often require a fan with a larger blade span of about 60 to 72 inches.

Finding the Right Type of Ceiling Fan without Lights

Determining which type of light-free ceiling fan you'll need largely depends on where you plan to use it. Look for a fan that meets the needs of each specific space and matches the room's appearance and design. Casablanca can accommodate virtually any area with our indoor, damp- and wet-rated options.

Indoor Fans

With designs intended exclusively for indoor use, these fans are not engineered to withstand the elements outside. Our indoor fans feature powerful motors and high-end materials that may be damaged if exposed to moisture. When used indoors, these fans provide the superior, wobble-free performance you expect.

Fans for Outdoor Covered Areas

Damp-rated ceiling fans offer a practical solution for areas that are partially covered or frequently exposed to high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms, patios, porches, and garages. These fans can withstand some moisture, but should not be used in totally exposed outdoor spaces.

Wet-Rated Fans

Our wet-rated fans can safely handle exposure to the elements, including rain, ice, and snow. Install wet-rated ceiling fans in gazebos, cabanas, verandas, uncovered decks, and waterfront locations to benefit from a cool breeze all summer long. All of our outdoor ceiling fans can be installed indoors to thread a cohesive design throughout your home.

We also offer a range of convenient accessories to make installing and operating your fan as easy as possible. Browse our hand-held and wall-mounted controls to operate your new fan with the touch of a button, and use downrods to achieve the best fan placement in rooms with high ceilings.

We thoroughly test each ceiling fan we design in our Level 4 Intertek Satellite Lab to ensure unrivaled performance and quality. Find top-rated designer ceiling fans without lights in the precise styles and sizes you desire at Casablanca today.